ABR Recycling is a hands-on approach in the business so that you will get the personal touch. Since the beginning of the company, ABR Recycling has worked with over 500 clients nationwide. The staff at ABR Recycling are second to none who pride themselves on fantastic customer satisfaction.

ABR Recycling is a fully licensed business that collects accident damaged bumpers, wheel arch liners and side skirts ENTIRELY FREE OF CHARGE from body shops located nationwide.

This free service benefits body-shops in multiple ways: The first benefit is a monetary one, as previously body shops have been forced to use ‘one-stop’ businesses for all their waste at high cost or to pay a monthly hire fee for a storage facility. The second benefit is an environmental one, recycling with ABR Recycling prevents thousands of tonnes of plastic going to landfill.


We can supply a purpose-built stillage that can hold up to 100 cat bumpers to each body shop, which keeps their working environment tidy and neat. A smaller stillage can also be built to fit for purpose for smaller body shops.

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